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This is going to be a beautiful journey.

Becoming a parent for the first time (or third time) requires a village of support, and in these days and times, much of that support comes from a post-partum doula. From the first night you come home, I will be your ally. From advice on newborns to breastfeeding support, I am your ally. If you need groceries picked up, or simple nutritious food cooked, I will be your right hand.

Your focus is on your child, and my focus is on supporting you. 



Hi. I'm Sarah.

Taking care of my community is my passion.


I started a community cooking school ten years ago, where we take care of community members with nourishing food and new knowledge. When I became a mom I threw myself into learning all about pregnancy, birth, newborns, breastfeeding, sleep, etc!


Once my baby was no longer a newborn, I decided to turn the knowledge I had acquired into a doula practice. As a new mom, I was lucky to have had postpartum support from a dear aunt, who came to live with us and take care of us during the first week’s of my daughter’s life. I became a postpartum doula to be able to offer that experience to other new parents, and am currently offering my services pro bono as I gain experience after recently completing my postpartum doula training at Natural Resources in San Francisco (but my best teacher is my one-year-old daughter).


The newborn days are such a special time, and my goal is to help parents relax and bond with their newborn confidently. We no longer live in a village full of aunties; instead, we have to find creative new ways to care for each other throughout life. 




newborn care

We all need on-call advice. I can answer common questions you might be afraid to ask (and it's ok if you ask twice).

healing process

Each labor is unique and requires different techniques to heal effectively. 

breastfeeding support

Breastfeeding is a new skill that takes practice. I am here to help.

pick up & drop off

Let me help you with grocery shopping and errands so you can stay home with your baby.


You will be hungry. Let's feed you. I also offer nutritious soups and simple foods to support your first days and weeks.*


My network of specialists and resources is available for you.


Let's get to know each other through an initial call or video chat.


You’ll tell me about your pregnancy, postpartum plans, and what kind of support you are looking for. I’ll tell you about my experience, and answer any questions you have about my services and packages. If we decide to work together, we’ll set up a 1 hour pre-birth call, and I’ll be available for texts as well.


Once baby has arrived, we’ll set up three post-birth sessions of an hour each. These can take place right away once you’re home from the hospital, or a week or two later whichever you prefer. I can also assist with errands like picking up food or groceries.


You can text me with questions anytime while we are working together. If you would like to add additional sessions, we can discuss what you’d like to do. 

How it works


Post-Partum Doula

& New Parent Coaching

Support, whether in person or virtual, can be a saving grace in the first days of parenthood.

Postpartum doula services are a beautiful and generous gift, especially in these uncertain times.

I welcome all new parents to participate in these services.

For each package booked, time will be banked for a new parent in need.

Ala Carte

For those "Oh my god, what is this?!" moment and for triage paramedical advice, I invite you to contact me for an ala carte session.


One Month of Support


  • 4 one-hour virtual sessions to schedule at your convenience over a whole month.

  • Email Followup

  • And I'm always available by text

  • For each one month package booked, 1 session will be banked for a new mama in need.


Two Months of Support


  • 8 one-hour virtual sessions to schedule at your convenience over a whole month.

  • Email Followup

  • And I'm always available by text

  • For each two month package booked, 2 session will be banked for a new mama in need.


Contact me to book a session or package.

Thank you!

I'll reach out soon via text or email to set up a time to connect.

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